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Bioenergy / Industrial Products

For long-term outlook for energy in Japan up until 2030, it is expected that 6 - 7 million kW of power generated from biomass.

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Agricultural Products

Having strong partnership with local agriculture product suppliers and producers in Indonesia, we are happy to introduce Indonesian best agriculture products overseas.

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We are also happy to provide fisheries products such as eel and sea urchin.

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We are proud to provide the highest quality of commodities from Indonesia

PT. Nipponindo Ertuah Bayak is a trading company established in Indonesia.

We are providing the highest quality of commodities from Indonesia to Japan and to the rest of the world.

The Philosophy of Nipponindo Ertuah Bayak is, bridging Japan and Indonesia by introducing each country’s best products, which leads to better living standard for both countries.

The majority of the company profit will be allocated to support education, healthcare, and living for unfortunate children in Indonesia.

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