Bioenergy / Industrial Products

For long-term outlook for energy in Japan up until 2030, it is expected that 6 - 7 million kW of power generated from biomass.

In the general lumber and crop residue category in particular, 2 - 4 million kW is expected to be introduced, compared with the 100,000kW that has already been adopted for this.

As the situation now stands, this cannot be achieved with just domestically-produced sawing and lumber waste and crop residue, imported fuels in the form of palm kernel shells (PKS) and chips will be needed for this.

Palm kernel shell has gained it status as a biofuel resource for biomass product. It also classified as a renewable energy that complies with country energy regulation, such as Japan, Korea and Europe. Palm kernel shell also consider as the replacement for wood chip.

We are offering the highest standard of biomass products, including palm kernel shell, biofuel, POME and also wood pellet.