PT. Nipponindo Ertuah Bayak

PT. Nipponindo Ertuah Bayak

Mr. Pinem (President & CEO)

Komp. Griya Labamboe, Jalan Damai Blok A No. 15, RT 012 RW 005,
Kelurahan Sako Baru, Kecamatan Sako, Palembang, Sumatera Selatan,
INDONESIA – 30961.
Tel: (+62) 812 8791 0978 (English / Japanese)

Commodity export (bioenergy, vegetable, fisheries), business strategy consulting.

3,000,000,000 IDR (Approx. 23,000,000 JPY)

Bank Mandiri

Message from The President

Thank you for choosing PT. Nipponindo Ertuah Bayak as your business partner. We would like to deliver our best to fulfill customers’ needs.

Furthermore beyond that, we have aspiration to bridge Indonesia and Japan, and to help children all over the world.

I realize that I am really blessed to have chance to live abroad in Japan and to meet people all around the world.

It is now the time to share back everything I got and experienced to the society. In PT. Nipponindo Ertuah Bayak, we are building a company which is sustainable enough to provide fund to education, healthcare and housing to the unfortunate children in Indonesia and the world, so that they can also experience the joy, share dream and realize their dreams.

Some portion of the profit will be shared to unfortunate children